Grocery? Isn’t the whole place a “grocery store?” Yep. Generally, around here it means all of the packaged products in the middle of the store. And the frozen aisle. And dairy case. And the paper goods and cleaning products. That’s not confusing, is it?

Back in the day when many people lived on farms with gardens and animals raised for fresh foods, the “grocery” store provided the packaged dry goods. Thus, the name remains for those types of goods.

Grocery departments all over have certainly expanded to include a lot more stuff than they used to.  

From bulk foods that give you the benefit of buying whatever quantity you want with minimal packaging to value-priced everyday staples you can’t find anywhere else, our shelves have you covered. And, of course, we carry your favorite ethnic and artisan foods too – all high quality products meeting our strict quality standards.

The same is true of non-food items such as cleaning agents and paper products. All are as natural as possible, with ingredients that are eco-friendly. Everything on our shelves supports the reputation we’ve carefully built on quality, passion for food and being responsible to our planet.

Hold on, one more point if you please. Our grocery department is also home to a passel of products created for people on special diets. Doesn’t matter if you’re a diabetic, gluten-intolerant or simply choose to follow a strict vegan diet, we have a selection of flavorful products you won’t find anywhere else.

It’s good to be different — good for you and good for the planet.